tuscan tortelli


in a little paesino between Florence and Bologna there is a restaurant called Da Giorgione, which unless you know about it, would almost certainly go unnoticed.  That’d be a shame. This half grocery store – half restaurant serves authentic, delicious Tuscan fare.


The dining room is very plainly decorated and the tables are tightly arranged to accommodate the guests.  Service here is hardly a strong point… you’ll have to assertively claim your table before it’s too late and then you’ll have to get glasses and flatware and set the table yourself.  Once you’ve hunted down one of the few menus, grab a napkin and a pen and write down your order. Don’t wait for a waiter to take your order; as the proprietor passes through the dining room, flag him down and pass him your scribbled order.


And then, the magic begins. In the kitchen you can actually see the Tuscan women hand-rolling and hand-filling the tortelli (in American standards, basically oversized ravioli).  The presentation is totally unpretentious and the simple flavors take center stage. The pasta is filled with potato and is tossed with your choice of ragù – bolognese (classic meat sauce), chingiale (wild boar), anatra (duck) or porcini (mushroom).  The flavors are so simple and unbelievably delicious.






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  1. Jeannie Goodyear

    Your writing always makes me feel like I am right there… yum

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